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EnERGISE ~ enGAGE ~ empower

Do you want to turn your insight into impact?

Next Gen GP is a funded national leadership programme for trainees and new GPs, aiming to:


*ENERGISE: through access to the stories, perspectives and expertise of inspiring leaders.

*ENGAGE: through a supportive network of like minded local trainees and early career GPs.

*EMPOWER: through a series of workshops designed to increase your ability to shape care within and beyond your organisation. 


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Our new Next Generation GP Bulletin is released approximately every 4 weeks, packed full with  programme updates, resources, events, leadership opportunities and reflections from our members across the UK.

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Find out more...


Find out more about our current Next Generation GP Programmes here. Some of our programmes are currently planning future cohorts, so if not stated please watch this space for more announcements.       


We are also planning programmes for 2019/20 in:

  • Liverpool & Merseyside

  • Hereford & Worcestershire

  • North Yorkshire & the Humber

  • Leicester

  • Coventry & Warwickshire

  • Glasgow

  • Peterborough

       Watch this space, sign up to the bulletin and follow us on Twitter @NextGGP for updates!

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